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Project Sheru

More… wide…

Screenshot of improved UI for WordPress theme
More… wide.

It’s fleshing coming at a personal project with the learning of some of the big Agency projects of the last couple of years. The techniques learned scale well for this smaller project, but there’s also loads of room for improvement as ever.

Today had a fight with filtering Categories in WordPress. WordPress won. But I will not be beaten forever!


  • I’ve pulled all of the colours from the¬†Sheru experimental theme so it uses just 3 base colours now. The rest are processed on the fly.
  • The site is no longer restricted-width (well, to a point)
  • Content now scales
  • All that gloomy black is gone. Bring on the brightness.
  • Prep for SVG icons.

Project Sheru

Project Sheru: A Pattern Library based modern WordPress theme (and playpen).

  • Truly mobile first (code, UX, UI)
  • Truly responsive (natural visual breakpoints)
  • Accessible (screen reading, WCAG AA+ and ADA)
  • Modern development workflow (grunt + sass, handlebars patterns, clean theme)
  • Prototyping via CodePen
  • GitFlow on GibHub of WordPress theme and Pattern Library

This project has been time boxed for 2 months (February – March).