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Split personality…

Writer Me likes to hang out with fellow writers, share fun links, talk about the process. There’s a lot of  hair-pulling and alcohol involved. Developer Me likes to chat tech with fellow developers, share experiments and talk workflow. There’s a lot of hair-pulling and alcohol involve.

I tend to do most of my tweeting from @shellbryson. This leads to a problem: there are two sets of folks I’m interactive with and 1) when I’m on a roll with writing I’m posting a tonne of writing things 2) when I’m deep in code experiments… Basically I need to pick an audience and stick with it. It’s a marketing thing (sigh).

Yesterday I created a new Twitter account dedicated to Developer Me@sherucode.

Banners and Avatars

New account, new art. I like my wee “sheru” Chibi—a left-over from working with the wondering AnimePicks team a few years back—but the avatar never really fit the developer me. Definitely not the writer me.

Cartoon image of Shell (Sheru)
Shell (Sheru) Chibi

Head scratching, and with zero time to do a full brand, I opted for something playful, but… code-y. What better than to use what I have to hand? Shot with an iPhone, retouched in PhotoShop:

Photo of Lego minifig.

Twitter likes a big banner, so I took another photo of what was literally in front of me… my keyboard. Then off into PhotoShop. Layer masks, blurs and radial fills and masking of letters and we have:

Retouched photograph of keyboard

It was fun to spend some time with PhotoShop again. Working for an agency means I tend to be given designs to implement, rather than having and hands-on during the design process.

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