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Another crazy week as we get into the final few days before launch of a big new financial site at the studio. Meanwhile, I’ve managed to calve out a little time to play with React. I still have an issue with JSX and inlined CSS. It feels like a backwards step, mixing structure, JS and CSS together. All that careful separation of concerns that have been hard-fought over the years seem to somewhat fall aside when it comes to some of the modern framework.

Thing is, React is great. It makes a tonne of sense. It’s really cool to work with.

I’m still unsure how I’d fit it into a project where I care about rendering when JavaScript is not available. I also worry about page weight, given the lump of script that needs to be delivered with a React project. There are of course ways around this—loaders, server side rendering with Express—and certainly as web sites become more ‘app-like’ I expect to see more and more React based sites. The danger though comes from using React (et al) for sites that could be built far more simply using a standard technology stack. Not to mention easier to support.

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