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Deeply nested tables that are purely for layout. Horrible inline styles. He must be building emails…

The problem remains legacy email clients, and the bizarre long tail of support that results in. While desktop browsers have moved on and it has become relatively acceptable to focus support on “evergreen” browser, this move is happening much, much slower for email clients. The result is sprawling legacy code like the screenshot below.

Honestly. We don’t need to support Outlook 2013 do we? I can only imagine (with zero evidence, natch) that anyone still using broken HTML rendering mail clients like Outlook 20XX are doing so because they are in a corporate environment where they are not allowed to update or change their mail client.

But here’s the thing. Most of the clients I’ve worked with are commercial… public facing. How many folks are really using their corporate email client to read personal emails? I certainly wouldn’t be picking up emails from my personal accounts in a locked down environment. I imagine in many environments this may even be against company policy in the first place.

I do most of my email reading on my iOS devices, and it makes me cringe when I look at the size of some of the emails I receive: 90% (possibly another made-up figure) layout crap to support other email clients—clients that almost nobody uses outside of locked corporate desktops.

Modern handhelds have very good HTML email rendering. gMail even supports responsive emails now.

So can we please make this stop?

Screenshot of email markup
Email markup hell

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