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My host (Digital Ocean) provides weekly full-server backups, and I can snapshot on the fly before I make any dramatic configuration changes. But this isn’t really fine-grained enough for a production environment.

Finally got around to doing something about that. All of my code is in GitHub, so I’m only really worried about content – and for that I needed a good, simple solution for WordPress. A place to start at least.

I came across the excellent UpdraftPlus plugin for WordPress, and after some fiddling around, I got it working nicely with my Google Drive account. Initially I wanted to use Dropbox, but frankly Dropbox’s free space is pitifully small. In an ideal world I’d connect any backups to Apple’s iCloud storage… after all I’m paying for a terabyte of it. Sadly, none of the services I looked at support that. Apple! Google Drive with 15Gb storage to the rescue, via the creation of an API key and authorising my web server, the backs are running smoothly.

Not that I’ve tested them yet.

…that’s for another weekend.

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