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About this Dev Blog

A photograph of Shell Bryson

My name is Shell Bryson (Sheru) and I’m a web developer and writer. I’ve been building for the web for more than a decade.

This blog is where I share aspects of development that are often repeated (but easily forgotten), tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way, and anything else useful enough to end up in my desk notes.

What I Do

I’m a senior/lead front end developer from Edinburgh, Scotland. While I’m interested in all aspect of Front End Development, I’m particularly interested in UI/UX, accessibility and mobile web. Rather than focus on fancy new frameworks, I believe in simplicity—progressive enhancement over bloated JavaScript.

The site you are reading now is one example of my work (a custom pattern library framework written in NodeJS & Grunt, with SCSS and Handlebars), but you can find far more on CodePen and GitHub.

If you’re looking to hire, I’d be happy to share links to commercial projects… just contact me via one of the links below.

How to contact me

My Business Card site and profile –
Twitter (web dev and technology): @sherucode
Twitter (writing/personal): @shellbryson